A Name Forgotten

//A Name Forgotten

A Name Forgotten



Author: C.T.L. Spear

Description: Enhanced by the author’s storytelling approach, this book features Jephthah, an obscure character of history. Although Shakespeare, Josephus, and Handel wrote about him and his daughter, Jephthah’s tale, a tantalizing drama fit for the stage, is largely avoided by those who should know it best. Some personalities are obscure because little is known about them. Others slip into obscurity because of controversy about the facts that are known. While Samson, despite his less-than-stellar conduct, remains a household name even among those who have sketchy Bible knowledge at best, Jephthah’s story is familiar only among those who debate its elusive questions. Cheerleaders on Jephthah’s team are few. Disputes arise at the mere mention of his name and his vow. Because his daughter’s decision is misunderstood at best, one might reasonably ask why more than an entire Bible chapter is devoted to the story. Is it wise to make a vow?

Release Date: 10/15/2015

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Heritage Builders Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-942603-15



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