Dr. Elmer Towns

Three Searching Kings

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Dr. Elmer Towns, who has won awards for fiction, has written this historical novel about three magi who searched for the Baby-King of the Jews, so they could bring the child kingly gifts. These three magi-denied kings are prepared to help announce to the world the One born “King of the Jews.” The lives of Melchior, Balthazar, and Gasper are drawn from research into early church legend and tradition. Many facets of their actions may at any place be true because it is drawn from the gospel of Matthew. So page after page uncovers the dreams of the three kings, rejected from earthly thrones, who ultimately offer kingly gifts at the birth of “the King of the Jews.” Suspense awaits at each new event. What is the mystery of the Circle Room? Why does Jewel know so much? Was the star an unusual heavenly phenomenon or a supernatural appearance? How will each magi face human barriers and overcome them to make his way to Bethlehem? Finally, how will worshiping the Baby-King change their lives?

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