Elizabeth Lasky

The Silver Option

When Elizabeth Lasky was 14, two million readers flipped past her letter in the February 1998 issue of VOGUE (US); naturally, it was about Brad Pitt. These days, when she isn’t making fun of vampires, she makes fun of residential zoning policy in her column at The Market Urbanism Report.


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Jeff didn’t ask to be a vampire and growing fangs did not improve his life in 1990s Cincinnati. He lives in his parents’ basement, works a mediocre job, and is still a virgin at 30-years-old (or is it 19?). He feeds on animal blood and avoids getting too close to people. Until he meets Roxanne. Roxanne breaks through his reservations. Their relationship survives bloodlust and attempted suicide. Then sex makes Roxanne a vampire…and silver makes Jeff human again. Now Jeff must decide if he should rejoin humanity or commit to the woman who made him feel human.

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