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SOS, the song of the sea is wrapped in the magical premise that whales, dolphins, and other mammals of the sea communicate with one another. Critically, the history of their world is contained in the singing of a masterful song called “The Song of the Sea.”

This history would have been forever safe from humanity’s prying eyes had not an entire pod of whales elected to beach themselves in protest of the ongoing devastation of the sea. One whale, Harmony, was chosen to stand off in the deeper waters and record this horrific event into the musical history of their world. Devastated by this loss, Harmony calls for a gathering of all the intelligent contributors to the song — a conclave where the Sandwalkers will finally stand trial for all their crimes against nature.

SOS, the song of the sea is the singing of all the amazing and sometimes tragic events leading to the conclave. Narrated by Harmony, two dolphins, and a marine biologist who ultimately glimpses beyond the veil that has kept humanity from truly understanding the common lot of all creatures of the Earth, SOS, the song of the sea is an amazing ecological fantasy.

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