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“Send Lawyers, Guns & Money…The Pursuit of Rock-N-Roll Memorabilia in America” chronicles the true stories of Stephen “Elvis” Shutts, known as “The Indiana Jones of Memorabilia”. For twenty-five years, Stephen has pursued long lost Americana treasure of the music kind….authentic stage clothing, instruments, autographs, personal items, automobiles and awards of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson to name a few.

Living in Nashville afforded Stephen the capability to be amidst the hotbed of all things musical history treasures, acquiring from dumpsters, disgruntled music row executives and groupies to the stars. The journeys and acquisitions strung together unbelievable true tales of colossal finds, claims of ownership by corporate empires, lawsuits, death threats and even a bomb scare…all in the name of rock-n-roll.

Knowledge of music history, a resemblance to Elvis and a knack for not taking no as an answer thrust Stephen into the limelight touring with major recording artists Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney and ZZ Top to name a few. Years of touring with hillbilly rock-star company threw Stephen into the realms of the classic exploits of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. The fantasy lifestyles of those he idolized and collected from afar had become fellow partners in his tabloid lifestyle inclusive of his own reality TV Series.

From the inner circles of the Elvis empire to Johnny Cash, “The Man in Black” himself and for every recording artist in between, Stephen eventually appraised, bought, sold and brokered 25 million dollars in authentic memorabilia worldwide requiring the assistance of lawyers, guns and money along the way.

-Being “Elvis” in the 90’s Boom of Nashville, Tennessee
-Wheeling and dealing in authentic Elvis and Country Music memorabilia
-Highly publicized auction in Memphis for the 20th Anniversary of Elvis’s death goes bust
-Colossal artifact finds and discoveries that rewrote music history
-Stephen sells Elvis’s home in Memphis for a world record / international sale
-Stephen buys Elvis’s favorite roller coaster saving it from the wrecking ball creating national news
-Hank Williams long lost, notebook find at a yard sale creates a monumental lawsuit and death threats
-On tour with Brooks & Dunn and drugs, sex & rock-n-roll
-Hollywood comes knocking with a reality TV show about the life and times of Stephen “Elvis” Shutts

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