Nina Perez-Reed

Out of the Shadows

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Child abuse comes in many forms. This book is about the transparent life experiences of young people who need validation and struggle becuse of it. The author gives personal expanples from her own life about how she overcame these very real problems and circumstances. Nina leans on a God who loves enough to help her to find peace.

During the conversations in this book, the author adeptly provides these young people with a sense of hope and encouragment by never giving up or giving in. Sometimes, all they need is a listneing ear or a few soft words of advice.

For people who have lived through dark times or are currently strugging with hopelessness now, the author’s journey shows how she coped in times of darkenss. To reflect on the message gained from the experiences described in each section, she uses the acrostic poem that virtically spells “REALM,” an acronim for Reflect, Examine, Apply, Leanred and Motivation. Placed at the end of each setion, these five directives point the reader to a set of specific questions that help him or her relate to the topics covered. Searching for answers to these quesitons will allow the reader the opportunity to interact with the text. If the effort is made to do that, this journey can become life-changing with the “REALM” of experiecnes. As people read this book on thier own or in a small group, the author encourages each individual to think about their answers and respond to each question with honesty as the key. Hope can be found; darkness does not last forever.

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