Rick Yohn

Living Securely in an Unstable World

About the Author

Dr. Rick Yohn, president and founder of Men of the Word, is a native of Lancaster, PA, and has, for the past forty plus years, pastored churches in Canada, California, Minnesota, Texas, and Colorado.


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God’s Solution to Man’s Dilemma

By Author Rick Yohn

The Greatest Words In Christian Doctrine Come Alive! Build your faith’s foundations on real bedrock-God’s deepest truths for men, represented by words like predestination, atonement, justification, sanctification. With his characteristic clarity and life-centered practicality, Rick Yohn brings to life these and nine other key words mined from the treasures of biblical Christian doctrine. As he quickly helps you understand each one, you’ll be awed by their truth and fortified with their practical profit. Do more than get by in your knowledge of what God has done for you and all humanity. Start grasping all the true riches, and know the powerful witness of a steady Christian in a staggering world!

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