Dr. Elmer Towns

Job’s Wife

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Job made one of the biggest deals of his life with a Philistine to deliver over 10,000 sheep. But when the Sabean stole his sheep, took his gold (in his own purse given to him by Dinah), he was left penniless. The Philistine demanded the loan be paid and demanded foreclosure on Job’s house, stables, barns, and fields to settle the debt. Job and Dinah move into the city of Uz and live in a one-room home unprotected by city walls. Dinah stood by Job and in his deepest hour of pain, she was willing for him to die rather than endure more suffering.
When Moses hears the story of the temptation by satan leading to the sufferings and trials of Job, he uses the literary skills gained from universities of Egypt to write a document explaining future ages, the universal and lifelong struggle of good against evil, and the divine enigma of suffering. And how do you end a beautiful life that has overcome tragedy and suffering? There’s only one way, by a miracle of God. But you’ll have to read the last chapter to find out.

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