Ed Jenkins

Jesus on Death Row

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Jesus on Death Row gives the reader an intimate glimpse inside prison life and the prisoner. There are accounts of prison inmates; some on Death Row coming to Christ and experiencing new life. The author shares experiences he has had on Death Row and in the Death House on Execution Day. Not all inmates are stereotypical. Just as in the free world, the population of a prison is diverse. Jesus cares for each individual. Jesus on Death Row sees the guilty and the condemned through the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ. As the last and only hope of so many career offenders; especially, to those condemned to death Jesus is still the answer. In the ominous world of Death Row with it’s hopelessness and finality, He is the source of real peace and joy to those to whom the world has considered not even worthy of life. Jesus on Death Row provides a first-hand look inside a world of hardness and distrust. Concrete, steel walls, fences, towers, and razor wire are its decor. In the midst of slamming doors and constant noise, there is loneliness and isolation. Cut off from loved ones, offenders are left to ponder the choices they have made. It is also a place where God transforms lives.

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