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A tiny winged horse named Flutterby flies about the Island of Serendipity trying to discover who she is and why. She thinks she might be an ant and merrily joins them in their chores. She picked up a large crumb of bread in her mouth and got in line with the other ants. Sadly, she got stuck in the entrance of the ant nest. She definitely was not an ant. She tried to be a bee and fluttered about sipping the nectar from the flowers in the garden. Her mouth full, she flew back to the beehive. Unfortunately, with a simple gulp she swallowed all of the nectar, and then accidently leaped into the center of the honeycomb. She definitely was not a bee. She did a bit of this and a bit of that, but nowhere could she find where she belonged. Through a series of magical misadventures, she discovered that she is most special just being who she is.

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