Dan Cooley

Bizarre Bible Stories 2

About the author

Mostly, I’m a story teller. I get to tell stories as a pastor and a dad, which is a terrific way to live. Writing is harder for me then speaking, as it’s difficult for me to think with my mouth closed. Along with a beautiful wife and four terrific kids, I have a Jeep. People with Jeeps are more fun.

Family: I met my wife JoLynn in college and she has given me four wonderful children: Megan, and Amanda, Micah, and Caleb.

Education: I went to a bunch of schools (fun, but not too productive…) finally getting my life together and graduating from Criswell in Dallas and Moody Grad School in Chicago.

Personal Stuff: As a missionary kid, I’ve always known who Jesus was, but it wasn’t until college that I really began to look at how He fit into my life. Discovering the answer has been a mysterious, exhilarating, long (and sometimes difficult) journey, but I could not imagine a life without Christ.


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Simply put, author Dan Cooley’s Bizarre Bible Stories and Bizarre Bible Stories 2 utilize a vernacular, contemporary writing style intended to reach an audience of children and youth with solid Christian doctrine and practical application. The discussion questions interspersed throughout the text are thoughtfully designed to promote interaction between parents and their children on numerous topics of interest. Cooley’s books reflect his passion for providing spiritual food to children in a manner they can easily digest. His attention to detail is evident from cover to cover.

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