The Legacy page of our website pays tribute to books from our company’s past, those we are no longer printing. You may still be able to find some of these titles in libraries, used bookstores, or even from eBay or Amazon. 

This is the story of legendary record producer Rick Hall and his historic role in the development of the world-famous “Muscle Shoals sound.” Rick Hall made music history when he founded FAME Recording Studios, the first professional recording studio in the entire state of Alabama.  Rick went on to earn international fame and eventually a Grammy for a lifetime of achievements.Music fans, history buffs, and others delight to these fascinating tales of how Rick Hall launched the music careers of so many famous artists. Heritage Builders Publishing released this book in 2015 and published it unitl Mr. Hall’s death in 2018. 

When it comes to musical achievements, few share the distinction of not only being a significant factor in blazing a trail for an entire genre, but also rising to the absolute top of their craft on stage and off. But after a mere millisecond of speaking with Jason Alvarez in tandem with his highly anticipated new release Time For Miracles, it’s apparent the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and now simultaneous pastor/speaker is a complete anomaly whose stable of accolades and downright dreamlike experiences are at least a mile long, though he’s quick to deflect all glory to God in what’s among one of the most compelling, enthralling and uplifting stories of redemption in music industry history.

Linda Caine has a beautiful life. As a content wife and mother, she should be looking toward her family’s promising future. But blackness has started to seep into her thoughts and images from her past flash through her mind, leaving her stunned and terrified. Linda longs for an escape, even if it means planning her own death.  Linda seeks help from psychiatrist Robin Royston. Together, they discover that long-buried secrets from Linda’s childhood must be confronted before they destroy her completely. Their journey will leave you breathless. 

“The most remarkable psychological detective story you will ever read.”–Bill Scott-Kerr, Transworld Publishers