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Dr. Elmer Towns Talks About His Inspiring New Novel “Three Searching Kings”

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“Dr. Elmer Towns is a bestselling author and co-founder of Liberty University, the largest private non-profit university in the world. Dr. Towns’ inspiring new historical Christmas novel Three Searching Kings (Heritage Builders Publishing) is available now wherever books are sold.

Three Searching Kings tells the story of a Magi in Persia encounters two black Ethiopian captives being sold into slavery and frees them. He discovers that both slaves were born in a kingly line and have the qualifications of Magi. All three had aspired to be king but had been denied. The three are accompanied by a Hebrew servant, who helps guide them to the Baby King. Following a bright star in the western sky, they set out on a dangerous journey to find the baby, who is to be their Savior.

Hallels:  Congratulations Dr. Towns on the release of “Three Searching Kings.”  With all your books on theology and Biblical studies, why write a novel?

Technically, this is the third novel I have written.  The first one was a historical novel on the life of Christ called The Son, published by Regal Books, Ventura, CA.  This book won second place in the annual author’s contest by the library of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.  The other book was called, My Angel Named Herman, published by Thomas Nelson, Nashville, TN.  This book won second place in the children’s literature of the library of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.

Hallels:  Does writing a novel come easier for you than writing a more technical book?  

I heard a speaker that said there were 100 Magi not three, and the speaker went on to say they were not kings.  First, of all, I believe in history, and I did some historical research and found that from the first century, that history has agreed that there three Magi that came to worship the Baby Jesus and their names were Melchior, Balthazar and Gaspar.  These three represented the three sons of Noah who went their different ways, i.e., Melchior represents the Near East, Balthazar represent Ethiopia, and Gaspar represents Europe.  This is symbolic of all peoples who are Gentles bringing their gifts to worship Baby Jesus as we will do in eternity.

Hallels:  What inspired you to develop your story around the narrative of the Magi in Scripture? 

Since there is so much misunderstanding about the Magi, I decided to demonstrate in a historical novel that in fact they were Magi, but each one had a linage linked to a kingdom and they were “searching” for a return to the throne.

Hallels:  What do you think are some of the lessons you want readers to grasp after reading this book? 

I want my readers to come and worship the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem just as the three Magi.  I want them to give the best of who they are, i.e., their entire life to Jesus in worship.

Hallels:  Who is the intended audience for this novel?  Children?  Teenagers? Adults?  Can anyone and everyone benefit from reading this book?

This book is intended for teens and adults.  However I think children would enjoy it but the content may be too high for grade school children.

Hallels:  What’s next for you?  What kind of book will you be writing next?  

I have prepared a Family Prayer Bible  that will be printed by Heritage Builders Publishing in Clovis, CA.  This will included 365 Bible stories focused mainly on the New Testament.  Those who have reviewed the book say these are more like Bible studies than Bible stories.  They are adapted to family time so the entire family can worship the Lord together and leading to a time of prayer with the family. ”

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