About Us

 About Us

Heritage Builders Publishing is a full service publisher operating in the trade and Christian markets. 


The company publishes a wide range of genres including entertainment, Christian, fiction and non-fiction, and an extensive assortment of children’s books including popular collections Serendipity, Barely There, and Ark Angels from Stephen Cosgrove, our number one selling author.


Our entertainment books focus mainly on the music industry. Books such as Fame Studio founder Rick Hall, The Man from Muscle Shoals, My Journey from Fame to Shame brought Heritage Builders Publishing to a new level. The Legend of George Jones by Charlene Montgomery was a flagship book for HBP released on the first anniversary of his death. 


Christian fiction books include Grandpa Pitched for the Cubs, Three Searching Kings, and Job’s Wife by Dr. Elmer Towns, Co-Founder of Liberty University, Wagon Road and Extending Shadows by Billy Parker.


It has been reported that Heritage Builders Publishing is one of the fastest growing small publishers in America. Our authors have sold collectively more than 100 million books. 


In September 2018, author Brandon Rich came on board as our VP of Author Relations. 

In March 2019, Brandon added to his title and responsibilities as VP of Marketing & Author Relations. As of October 2019, Brandon is now our President and CEO. We have moved our main office to Nashville, Tennessee where Brandon lives and works.