Kathryn Hancock

Music to His Ears

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Music to His Ears is an inspirational study using the biblical scriptures Psalms 100:2 and Exodus 28:35 as a foundation. The premise is taken from the instruction to come before the presence of God with singing. Emphasis is placed on music and its significance to God. Discussion is given to the connection of music and receiving answer to prayer. Biblical passages are visited that address more than 30 specific categories (i.e. healing, finances, depression, etc.) referencing music. Beginning with the origin of music and the fall of Lucifer, the crux is established by paralleling Old Testament tabernacle rituals to receiving entrance to the Most Holy Place through musical worship. In addition, the worth of musical choirs, orchestras, leadership and organizational requirement, mastery, expertise and levels of hierarchy is addressed. Finally, musical form and structure are included with recognition given to the “Great Musical Masters” of the Bible.12.

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